Custom Fabrication

All of our custom cut products begin at our state-of-the-art Automatic Cutting Table. Our experienced staff enters many orders into the custom software of the Cutting Table. The software develops a cutting plan which optimizes the use of the raw material. By minimizing waste, we can provide our customers with the lowest prices possible in the industry. At this point, the corresponding raw material is placed in the Cutting Table, and the customer's orders are cut by the automated system.

Once the customer's pieces are cut, they are transfered to the corresponding department for additional work. Orders requiring edge work go to the polishing or beveling stations.Those requiring holes go to the drilling station.

Orders destined to be shower doors are polished and mitered at the corresponding stations, and then are processed by our advanced CNC Glass Working Machine. This is an automated, computer controlled system which "cuts" the notches for the hinges and bores the holes for the handles. Each custom door is carefully and individually programmed into the CNC. This automated process helps eliminate mistakes, and can produce products with tolerances as small as 1/32" of an inch.