About Us

Our humble beginnings can be traced back to a simple hand drill and the belief that we could provide a valued service in the South Florida market.

With the knowledge gained from working on a prominent South Florida mirror manufacturing company, founder and president Silverio Perez believed that the needs of the thriving furniture manufacturing industry of the late 80's and early 90's were not being met. Focused on service, integrity and providing a superior value, he was able to grow the company into a market leader in a short amount of time.

Never one to stand still, we have always looked for growth opportunities. With our original goal of bringing exceptional value and service to our customers, we acqurired a prominent shower door manufacturing company. Through this acquisition, we became a major player in the emerging custom shower door market of the late 90's. Although Silver Door Industries was at first run as a separate company, it was fully under Ready Glass & Mirror management. The same philosophy and core values that allowed Ready Glass & Mirror to succeed were clearly evident in Silver Door Industries.

For over two decades, we have provided the South Florida market with the products and service that is expected of a market leader. While competitors come and go, you can always count on our experience, quality and integrity to help you achieve your goal.

Our Philosophy

  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Value
  • Integrity